Thursday, 2 February 2012

Episode 89, February 02 2012

Episode 089, February 02 2012

Midnight – You Can’t Stop Steel (USA)
DeathCrawl – This Is The Way It Ends (USA)
The Howling Wind – A Dead Galaxy Mirrored In An Icy Mirage (USA)
Thou – The Eyes Of The World Are Upon You (USA)
End Of Power – Armour Of Faith (USA)
Tile – Murder House (USA)
Blue – Dirty Fingers (USA)
The Fix – Rat Patrol (USA)
Neanderthal – Fluids (USA)
Born Without A Face – Undertow (USA)
Warcry – White Flag (USA)
Vile Intent – Teeth (Canada)
Wartorn – How To Destroy Angels (UK)
Watchmaker – Salt Fertile Earth (USA)
Raw Radar War – In The Realm Of The Senses/Not Exactly Invincible (USA)
Baptists – Farmed (Canada)
Primate – Global Division (UK)
Ravens Creed – Ravens Creed (UK)
Ramesses – Chrome Pineal (UK)
Old Funeral – Incantation (Norway)
Genöcide – Raped and Dead (USA)
Honeymoon Killers – Get It Hot (USA)
Killdozer – Short Eyes (USA)


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