Thursday, 27 October 2011

Episode 77, October 27 2011

Episode 077, October 27 2011

Black Flag - You're Not Evil (USA)
Noothgrush - Draize (USA)
Grief - Hate Grows Stronger (USA)
Monster Magnet - Lizard Johnny (USA)
The Mentors - Every Human's Got To Have Sex (USA)
NoMeansNo - The Tower (Canada)
Black Breath - Murder (USA)
Melvins - Hung Bunny/Roman Bird Dog (USA)
Morbid Wizard - Incantation (UsA)
Broken Bones - Point of Agony (USA)
The Accused - You Only Die Once (USA)
Dayglo Abortions - Argh! Fuck! Kill!/Die Sinner Die (Canada)


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Episode 76, October 20 2011: Tommy Southard's Sick and Bored Playlist.

Episode 076, October 20 2011

Tommy Southard's Sick and Bored Playlist.

Rush - Passage To Bangkok (Canada)
Solace - Destroy The Gift (USA)
Orange Goblin - Snail Hook (UK)
Church of Misery - The Grey Man (Albert Fish) (Japan)
Black Pyramid - Mercy's Bane (USA)
Super Invader - Many Ways To Burn (USA)
Serpents Throne - March Of The Druids (USA)
Acid Witch - Midnight Mass (USA)
Behold! The Living Corpse - Two Headed Baby (USA)
Black Mass Of Absu - Dragging The Purid Rotting Corpse Of Christ From its Filthy Rancid Tomb (USA)
Black Army Jacket - When I Can't See You/Of Competing Impotence (USA)
Barkmarket - Falling (USA)
Vee Dee - Glimpses Of Another World (USA)
Tiger B Smith - Tiger Rock (Germany)
Suck - 21st Century Schizoid Man (South Africa)
Stray - Suicide (Japan)
Skullflower - Bad Alchemy (UK)


Tommy's blog: The Devil's Music (

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Episode 75, October 13 2011

Episode 075, October 13 2011

Slint - Rhoda (USA)
Aiden Baker - Carrizozo (Canada)
Pelican - The Woods (USA)
Pentangle - Bruton Town (UK)
Noah Howard - Homage To Coltrane (USA)
Art Blakey - Buhania Chant (USA)
Crash Worship - Awake (USA)
Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood (USA)


Friday, 7 October 2011

Episode 74, October 06 2011

Episode 074, October 06 2011

Slayer - Metalstorm (USA)
John Coltrane - Jupiter Variation (USA)
Pharoah Sanders - Red, Black & Green (USA)
Sleep - Holy Mountain (USA)
VoiVod - Live For Violence (Canada)
Watchmaker - The Widening Stain (USA)
Moss - Gate III (UK)
Porn - The Five Books Of The Aeneas (USA)


Episode 073, September 29 2011

Sollubi - Underage Drinking Party (USA)
Rwake - The Culling (USA)
Swans - You Fucking People Make Me Sick (USA)
Six Organs Of Admittance - River of My Youth (USA)
Dark Castle - To Hide Is To Die (USA)
Gnaw Their Tongues - Le Trone Blanc de la Mort (Netherlands)
Wolves In The Throne Room - Prayer For Transformation (USA)
Yob - Before We Dreamed of Two (USA)
Masseter - Gibier (Canada)
HOF - Stalin's Child (USA)
Hammerhead - Gremlin Stomp (USA)
Baptists - Life Poser (Canada)