Thursday, 15 December 2011

Episode 84, December 15 2011

Episode 084, December 15 2011

Ax – You’ve Been So Bad (Canada)
Agnes Strange – Graveyard (UK)
Speed, Glue and Shinki – Stoned Out of My Mind (Japan)
Steel River – Losing Friends (Canada)
Neil Merryweather – Star Rider (Canada)
Thundermug – Bad Guy (Canada)
UFO – Prince Kajuku (UK)
Judas Priest – Dying To Meet You (UK)
BANG – The Queen (USA)
Leaf Hound – Stray (UK)
Charlee – Wheel of Fortune (Canada)
Sir Lord Baltimore – Master Heartache (USA)
Black Sabbath – Cornucopia (UK)
Pentagram – Hurricane (USA)
Flower Travellin’ Band – Hiroshima (Japan)
Simply Saucer – Illegal Bodies (Canada)
The Stooges – Little Doll (USA)
Blue Cheer – Out Of Focus (USA)


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